The Benefits of Buying Local

Farmers Market Organic ProduceYou might have noticed that eating local is the latest hot trend in food. At every turn a new restaurant is pushing their local seasonal fare and it seems like a farmer’s market is popping up on every corner. And while eating local food seems like a good idea, deep down you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Does it really matter where your food comes from? A vegetable is a vegetable no matter where it was grown, right? Not exactly.

Here are seven great reasons to buy and eat local:

1. Freshness- Local foods are much fresher than produce you can purchase in the grocery store. Before food reaches the store shelf it generally travels great distances over the course of days or weeks. On the other hand, produce purchased directly from the grower is often picked within 24-48 hours of being purchased.

2. Cost – You might think that farmer’s market produce is more expensive than the grocery store. But, guess what? Not only does local produce taste better, but it is usually comparable in price! Since farmers are able to sell directly to consumer, for example at a local farmer’s market, they cut out the middle man and you get to enjoy the savings.

3. Nutrition – Since local food is fresher, it is also more nutritious. Over time most produce loses some of its important vitamins and minerals. Since food purchased straight from the farm has not had to ship across the country or continent, it still has all its essential nutrients.

4. Helps the Environment – Food grown locally places less of a burden on the environment than produce you buy in the grocery store. Since the food you buy off the supermarket shelf most likely flew half way across the world before reaching your plate, a significant amount of energy and fuel was expended on its journey. Food purchased from a local grower only had to travel a couple of miles, greatly reducing its carbon footprint.

5. Increased Variety – Local farmers are more likely to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This means they usually have items you would never be able to find on a supermarket shelf! Want to try some purple broccoli or heirloom tomatoes? Check out your local farmer’s market and be amazed at the selection!

6. Supports Local Farmers – Supporting local farmers helps keep money in the community, instead of going to a large corporation. This not only helps support the farmer, but the local community as well.

7. Preserves Green Space and Farmland – Finally, buying local produce helps to preserve green space and farmland. By supporting local growers you help tp protect their land from being scooped up by developers and turned into parking lots and concrete buildings.

With Chef’s Plate you don’t have to carve out time to visit a local farm or farmer’s market, we have done that for you! We strive to source local and seasonal produce whenever possible and that is why we can provide you with some of the freshest ingredients. Since taste is our number one priority, we love the flavour and quality that local produce provides our chefs.

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